Bobby Kimbrough is a security expert, author, and motivational speaker with a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to dealing with law enforcement, security professionals and adversity. He uses his experiences from working for the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as those in his personal life, as a basis for educating others, while mentoring and encouraging young people to stay on the right track, and avoid becoming a statistic in the criminal system. While Bobby specializes in speaking on issues in the police and military arenas, he also shares the secrets to his success and motivation with career professionals thorugh training and development.

While Bobby Kimbrough served as a Senior Special Agent for the United States Department of Justice, he saw the effects of a poor atmosphere on young men.

Bobby specialized in crimes against the government; therefore, he dealt with organized crime and gangs throughout the country. He saw firsthand what happened to young men who got off on the wrong track and ended up trafficking drugs or participating in other criminal activities. Being a father himself, he found a passion for giving those at-risk youth a second chance. It began when founded of MAPS, and came to full fruition through the establishment of Branded For Knowledge, Inc.

Through these workshops and programs, Bobby is able to reach out to at-risk youth and speak of his own adversity, how he overcame it, and encourage young people to do the same.

Bobby comes from a place of genuine compassion and experience which captivates young people. Through his company, Branded For Knowledge, Kimbrough partnered with Main Street Academy in Winston Salem to mentor serious violators of the school system. His ultimate goal is helping those students get back on the track towards success by providing transitional assistance and community outreach.

When speaking, Bobby not only empowers his listeners with knowledge, he captivates them and commands their attention.

He is known by many as a devoted philanthropist who helps raise money for numerous charities, nonprofit organizations and educational scholarship funds. His expansive reach and unique approach for encouraging others to find greatness within, are just a few of the reasons why he is often called upon to serve as motivational speaker and professional life coach.

Kimbrough’s personal stories of success, failure, persistence, hard work, and perseverance have been shared with several organizations, churches, and reentry groups in numerous cities and states.

Not only is he a captivating speaker, Bobby also shares a wealth of knowledge through his published books.

In addition to the many gifts and talents he possesses, Bobby Kimbrough is also a published author. His wrote his first book, Surviving the Stop, to assist today’s motorist in successfully overcoming interactions with law enforcement officers and bridge the gap that currently exists between the two. He also recently finished his second book, Beyond Midnight, which is scheduled to release later this year.

In his spare time, Kimbrough can often be found on the golf course with his father, spending quality time with his sons, relaxing in his favorite chair while reading a good book, or simply jotting down his personal thoughts. He was married to the late Clementine F. Kimbrough for 15 years, and is the father of seven great young men: Bobby III, Jamesen, Jordan, Christian, Bryce, Jalen and Isaiah.

Though he has been blessed to achieve success in many phases of his life, Bobby considers being a single parent, raising responsible and respectful young men to be his greatest accomplishment. Without question, his legacy shall live on through his biological and professional lineage.